Yearly Traffic Counts

About the Yearly Traffic Counts

Traffic Monitoring is responsible for the collection of all types of traffic data including traffic volumes, vehicle classification, turning movements and special studies as requested by the Department. The reporting of traffic volumes is accomplished through two distinct methods involving the Continuous Count and Coverage (i.e. short term) Count programs.

The Continuous Count Program consists of 71 permanent recorder sites located throughout the state, monitoring traffic volumes 365 days per year on an hourly basis. Additionally, 20 of these sites classify the vehicles into 13 categories as required by the Federal Highway Administration.

The Coverage Count Program divides the state into 3 zones: the southern/coastal area, the central band and the northern/eastern portions of the state. Traffic count and vehicle classification data are collected for 24 hours utilizing road tubes and adjusted to an Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) volume.

The Traffic Monitoring Section is responsible for the publication of the Traffic Volume Counts Annual Report.

Traffic Volume Annual Report: 2019

MaineDOT is pleased to announce that we contracted with Drakewell, Inc. and created an interactive mapping interface, which allows the User to access all traffic data collected by the Department. Hourly data is available for short-duration counts (SDC) as well as the continuous count sites (CCS) from 2008 to the current year. Intersection counts display and report leg movements and summary information. Data may be exported to Excel or a PDF file. Help screens are available to guide you through the process. It is important to note that a new tab will be opened each time you select a new option. You must use these tabs to move back to previous screens as there is no “back arrow” available for this function.