MaineDOT Asset Management - Highways

Below is MaineDOT's methodology to provide a fair, structured framework to prioritize programs and projects. There are two parts - the Highway Corridor Priority (HCP), and the Customer Service Level (CSL).

See the glossary for the descriptions of each level in the priorities.

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  • Highway Corridor
    Priority (HCP)
  • Customer Service
    Level (CSL)
  • CSL Mileage

Highway Corridor Priority (HCP)

The first part of the method, the Highway Corridor Priority (HCP), categorizes our highway assets into six levels of priorities.

Highway Corridor Priority
% Miles % Traffic Example
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Priority 1 1,760 8% 42% The Interstate, Brewer-Calais Rte 9, Newport-Gilead Rte 2, Houlton-Madawaska Rte 1
Priority 1 Highway
Priority 2 1335 6% 17% The National Hwy System, Caribou-Ft. Kent Rte 161, Bangor-Greenville Rte 15, Ellsworth-Eastport Rte 1, Lewiston-Bethel Rte 11/26/ Priority 2 Highway
Priority 3 2211 9% 16% Manchester-Farmington Rte 17, Saco-Fryburg Rte 5, Lincoln-Vanceboro Rte 6, Sherman-Ft. Kent Rte 11 Priority 3 Highway
Priority 4 3731 16% 12% Major Collectors not included above (including 3 miles of marine highway) Priority 4 Highway
Priority 6 14362 61% 13% Local Roads & Streets Priority 6 Highway
* Data based on 2017 asset inventory.

Customer Service Level (CSL)

The second part of the method is determining the Customer Service Level (CSL) that measures MaineDOT managed highway assets (Priority 1-5) in three areas. The CSL uses customer-focused engineering measures to track highway (1) Safety, (2) Condition and (3) Serviceability, and grades them similar to a report card (A – F). The information below lists the individual measures that make up the overall service level grade. To view this data in our map viewer, click on a header below.




CSL Mileage Summary Charts

Highway Corridor Priority and Customer Service levels are overlaid to show an aggregated state-wide view of the different priority roads with their corresponding service levels. Percentages do not reflect highway assets not managed by MaineDOT. The data below reflects the 2014 inventory.


Customer Service Level by Highway Corridor Priority


Highway Priority Corridor by Customer Service Level