Survey and Right of Way Information

Survey Section:  The Survey Section of the Property Office manages the MaineDOT GPS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) program and provides State Plane Coordinates and Datum Elevations for MaineDOT's preliminary and construction engineering projects, as well as data referencing older surveys and older Right of Way Maps. Contact Harry Nelson for matters regarding CORS Set-up or to report problems with the CORS.

Right of Way Research Section:  The Right of Way Research Section locates Right of Way Maps for Maine highways for use within MaineDOT as well as for private surveyors and the general public. Please request Right of Way Maps from Kyle McLaggan.

CORS Setup
  • To get CORS RINEX data or to use the MaineDOT CORS Virtual Reference System, you will need a login and password. Please submit:
  • End User Name
  • Company Name
  • Phone number(s)
  • Email address of End User(s)
  • Please request this data through Harry Nelson:
  • CORS RINEX data for post processing can be obtained through the same Logon and Password.
Right of Way Map Data

Information and maps are requested through Kyle McLaggan, Right of Way Research Section. Please contact Kyle at:

Please provide Project Number and Right of Way File Number, if possible. This will expedite data requests.

You can also use our map viewer.