MaineDOT Civil Rights Office

MaineDOT's Civil Rights Office is responsible for ensuring compliance with all federal anti-discrimination, EEO/AA and labor requirements on all federally funded projects.

We seek to create workforce diversity and long-term retention of minorities and women on MaineDOT-administered construction contracts funded by USDOT and to assure a workplace free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination on all MaineDOT-funded projects.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program

The primary goal of the OJT Program is to provide meaningful training opportunities for Women, Minorities, & Disadvantaged individuals on federal-aid highway & bridge projects and to develop full journeymen.

To ensure equity and opportunity for minorities, women and disadvantaged individuals in nontraditional highway and bridge trades, training is required on many federally funded projects at the MaineDOT. MaineDOT will determine which projects are suitable for OJT training hours and the requirement for training will be included as a bid item will be included in bid documents.

Several federally funded projects have positions available. If you are interested in the On-the-Job Training Program, please fill out the OJT application

OJT Information

  • OJT Program Manual ( Word) ( PDF)
  • Acceptance Procedures and Training Requirements ( Word) ( PDF)
  • OJT Enrollment Form ( Word) ( PDF)
  • OJT Letter of Intent ( Word) ( PDF)
  • OJT Weekly Evaluation Form ( Word) ( PDF)
  • OJT Off-site Training Form ( Word) ( PDF)
  • MaineDOT OJT Brochure ( PDF)

Questions or Comments?

Jen Laliberte, EEO Program Specialist
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Davis-Bacon Act and Labor Compliance


MaineDOT is required by the Federal Davis Bacon Act (DBA) to ensure that prevailing wage rates are paid to all laborers and mechanics on federal construction projects. In 2009, MaineDOT implemented the payroll tracking system, Elations, to track payroll wage and EEO related information easily and accurately.

All contractors and subcontractors working on federally funded construction projects are required to use Elations for certified payroll documentation, payments to and from subcontractors and EEO data for Davis-Bacon related trades.

Davis-Bacon Act Forms and Publications

Questions or Comments?

Jen Laliberte
Phone: 207-624-3036 | Email:

Equal Employment Opportunity/Compliance

The foundation for Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Affirmative Action is derived from state and federal laws and regulations, as well as a moral and professional commitment.

As a recipient of federal funding, it is incumbent on MaineDOT to ensure that contracts let through our agency adhere to the standards prescribed by federal and state law. The Civil Rights Office is responsible for ensuring that federal and state EEO laws are complied with on our projects.

EEO Documents