MaineDOT Long-Range Transportation Plan Update 2050

On Demand Public Meeting

MaineDOT will have an on-demand presentation available during development of these plans. This meeting will give information about the proposed project, including video presentations and other pertinent information to help the public understand the project. These on-demand meetings allow for increased engagement and convenient viewing at any time. The meeting also provides the ability for online comments and questions that will be answered by MaineDOT staff.

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MaineDOT's Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) 2050 will convey MaineDOT's vision for a multimodal transportation system that not only provides for safe and efficient travel throughout the state, but also supports a high quality of life and economic opportunity in all of Maine's villages and communities. It will serve as the core component tying together MaineDOT's larger Family of Plans, drawing on and informing development of the various modal plans in order to develop a unified vision for the state's multimodal transportation system.

The LRTP will help us answer three key questions: "Where are we now?", "Where do we want to go" and "How do we get there?". It will also assess the major trends that are likely to impact Maine over the next several decades and consider some of the other major statewide policy frameworks with transportation implications.

With a focus on implementation, the LRTP will provide a glimpse into some of the policies, programs, objectives, and strategies needed to achieve the vision and goals outlined. It will also present an extensive assessment of what funding levels are needed to achieve the vision.

Project Manager: Jennifer Grant 207-624-3227
Deputy Project Manager: Ian Gorecki 207-624-3374

Long-Range Transportation Plan 2050 and Family of Plans