Maine State Rail Plan

The Maine State Rail Plan (MSRP) is a multi-year guide for focusing federal, state, and local investments on a rail system that supports the vision, goals, and objectives of this plan. The 2022 rail plan update will be developed within a framework for state rail plans established by federal legislation and supporting guidance.

Maine's 2014 State Rail Plan established a base line review and analysis of the Maine railway system. The plan recognized Maine's railway system as a vital component of the economic competitiveness of Maine's multi-modal transportation network, business development, and tourism needs. It demonstrated the benefits of continued investment to improve the system's level of service. The 2014 MSRP also established a framework on which to build public-private partnerships that advance both public initiatives and provide a benefit to the public at large, freight-intensive industry, rail passengers, and railroad operators. In addition to updating the previous MSRP review and analysis, this MSRP will include an additional task mandated by Maine's 2021 legislative session: an analysis of the rail to trail or rail with trail conversions for certain state-owned rail assets that are currently dormant.

The 2022 MSRP will complement MaineDOT's Long-Range Transportation Plan as a part of MaineDOT's Family of Plans.

Project Manager: Nathan Howard 207-624-3042