Statewide Aviation System Plan- Phase II

This effort will build upon Phase I of the State Aviation System Plan, completed in mid-2021. It will further explore opportunities identified in Phase I:

  1. Understand current and future potential aviation system contributions to meeting expressed societal needs sufficiently to inform the following question: What compelling public value justifies what degree of state and federal investment toward what end?
  2. Use realistic, fiscally constrained life-cycle analyses to foster the development of right-sized facilities affordable for sponsors and investment partners.
  3. Identify and justify necessary and desirable system management functions, including who should perform them and how they should be financed.
  4. Identify trends, gaps, opportunities and prioritized recommendations for nurturing key system components, including aviation workforce development.
  5. Develop meaningful and practical metrics to track condition, utilization, and performance of the airport system.
  6. Recommend strategies to leverage public investments to generate private investments and public policies that support a safe and efficient airport system.

The State Aviation System Plan will complement MaineDOT's Long-Range Transportation Plan as part of MaineDOT's Family of Plans.

Project Manager: TBD