Statewide Active Transportation Plan

The Statewide Active Transportation Plan (SATP) will lay out MaineDOT's vision and goals for active transportation, assess current programs and practices and identify implementable strategies for meeting the vision and goals. Additionally, this active transportation plan will review key corridors for potential trail-until-rail options and assess priority 3 & 4 state highway corridors for potential shoulder enhancements. The end goal is to develop a plan that guides active transportation policy and investment decisions at MaineDOT, outlines potential rail and highway corridors that can be used to grow active transportation options, and includes a list of potential investments that assist in meeting the established vision and goals. The SATP will complement MaineDOT's Long-Range Transportation Plan as part of MaineDOT's Family of Plans.

Co-Project Manager: Martin Rooney 207-624-3317
Co-Project Manger: Ian Gorecki 207-624-3374