MLRC Road Scholar Program

Why this Program

Local government officials in Maine are always looking for ways to do a better job and improve upon their skills. It's readily apparent that those individuals who take the time to attend training usually are better prepared to deal with local transportation concerns. This is a picture of road scholars. Attendance at various training programs provides one of the most cost-effective methods of providing quality road services, especially during tight financial times. The provision of road maintenance services is a technical process that requires at least a minimum understanding of certain engineering-related problems.

The Maine Local Roads Center has been providing technical assistance to all levels of municipal government since 1986. Through workshops, "hands-on" training, the quarterly "Maine Local Roads News" newsletter, free publications, a videotape lending library, and over-the-phone assistance, municipal officials from all corners of Maine have become better informed and valuable to their local government.

Over 75% of Maine's 492 municipalities have utilized one or more of the services of the Center since 1986. It is estimated that Maine municipalities have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing information provided by the Center.

Goal of the Program

In an effort to recognize local road officials for their desire to learn and improve their skills, the Maine Local Roads Center has established the "Maine Roads Scholar Program". The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for municipal officials to achieve a solid foundation in local road technical and management skills. These skills will help municipalities save tax dollars through more cost effective techniques and products. While this is not a degree or certification program, participants can attend an excellent basic program available nowhere else at such low cost.

Program Requirements

  • Required Workshop List
  • Optional Classes
  • Current Road Scholars
Please visit the MaineDOT Events web page for current workshops and classes.
  • Asphalt Repair Treatments OR Pavement Preservation
  • Basics of the MUTCD ("Signs, Stripes & Speed Limits")
  • Basics of Paving Contracts OR All About Asphalt
  • Drainage, Drainage, Drainage
  • Road Surface Management System (RSMS) - 2 days ~ counts as 2 workshop days
  • Roadway Fundamentals for Municipal Officials
  • Snow and Ice Control
  • Supervisory Leadership in Public Works (all 6 days)-- MCAPWA 
  • Tort Liability ("Claims, Pains and Automobiles")
  • Work Zone Safety Traffic Control

The other 3 workshop-days can be attained by attending any other workshop offered by the Center. 

Name Agency
Hubert Affo Lewiston, City of
Clair Allen Westfield, Town of
Eugene Alley Sanford, City of
Scott Alley Southwest Harbor, Town of
Elaine Aloes Solon,Town of
Horton Austin Wales, Town of
Richard Averill MaineDOT
Ian Badershall Brewer, City of
David Baker Falmouth, Town of
Bruce Balfour Monmouth, Town of
John Barron Athens, Town of
Ronald Bastien Lewiston, City of
Elwood Beal Lisbon, Town of
Steven Belanger Auburn, City of
George Belanger Lewiston, City of
David Bell Caribou, City of
Jeffrey Benner Rockland, City of
Shawn Bennett Pownal, Town of
Michael Bernier Lewiston, City of
Millard Billings Tremont, Town of
Roger Binette Lewiston, City of
Joseph Bishop Norridgewock, Town of
Ed Blackington Warren, Town of
Robert Bolduc Lewiston, City of
Mitch Boulette Farmington, Town of
Wallace Boyd Mars Hill, Town of
Elwin Boynton Prospect, Town of
Mark Brainerd Cumberland, Town of
Russell Brown Kennebunk, Town of
Ronald Brown Skowhegan, Town of
Darren Brown Cape Elizabeth, Town of
Gilmour Brundage Scarborough, Town of
Rodney Bubier Monmouth, Town of
George Buker Auburn, City of
Daniel Burr Cumberland, Town of
George Buswell Penobscot County
John Butts Fort Fairfield, Town of
Jeffrey Buxton Falmouth, Town of
Dean Camber Union, Town of
James Caron III Frenchville, Town of
Timothy Cavanagh Lewiston, City of
Lionel Cayer Augusta, City of
Richard Chamberlain St Agatha, Town of
Robert Clark Easton, Town of
Coleman Clarke Chebeague, Town of
Michael Claus Kennebunkport, Town of
Ralph Cleale Houlton, Town of
David Cline Yarmouth, Town of
Elwin Cole Westbrook, City of
Emery Cole Sebec, Town of
Michael Constantine Windham, Town of
James Cornforth Hermon, Town of
David Cote Brewer, City of
Dennis Cox Topsham, Town of
Stuart Craig Mars Hill, Town of
Everett Cronkite Easton, Town of
Eldon Crouse Blaine, Townof
Gary Cummings China, Town of
Carl Curtis Lisbon, Town of
David Cyr Mars Hill, Town of
Steven Damien Lewiston, City of
Charles Day Brownfield, Town of
Terry Deering Gorham, Town of
Michael Delaware Dexter, Town of
Paul DeMerchant Easton, Town of
Joshua Dennison Cape Elizabeth, Town of
Timothy Deperrio York, Town of
Lyle Dever Bar Harbor, Town of
Vaughn Devoe Portage Lake, Town of
Alan Dickey Belfast, City of
Curtis Dimock Yarmouth, Town of
Roger Dionne Madawaska, Town of
Jacob Dodge Bath, City of
Gregory Dore Skowhegan, Town of
Gerald Dostie Augusta, City of
Kevin Doyle New Gloucester, Town of
Peter Drummond Sangerville, Town of
Shawn Dube New Sweden, Town of
Kenneth Dudley Benton, Town of
Matthew Dunn Readfield, Town of
Harold Easler Washburn, Town of
Jonathan Elie Lewiston, City of
John Ellis Old Town, Town of
Jason Emery Cape Elizabeth, Town of
Colin Emery Rockland, City of
Wesley Enman Lewiston, City of
David Errington Mexico, Town of
John Evans South Portland, City of
Anthony Farrar Paris, Town of
Jean-Pierre Faucher Winslow, Town of
Eugene Field Vassalboro, Town of
Ronnie Finson Saint Albans, Town of
Paul Fongemie Winslow, Town of
Douglas Fortier Windham, Town of
Stephen Foster Cumberland, Town of
John Foster Brunswick, Town of
Dana Fowler Presque Isle, City of
Dennis Fraser Bath, City of
George Free Veazie, Town of
Clark Freeman Wiscasset, Town of
Wendell Fuller Easton, Town of
Michael Gagnon Lewiston, City of
Albert Galipeau Lewiston, City of
Gary Garland Jackman, Town of
David Gaudet South Portland, City of
Mark Georgia Milford, Town of
Ronald Giguere Solon, Town of
Roger Gingras Farmington, Town of
Jeffrey Goldrup Freeport, Town of
Anthony Goode Boothbay, Town of
Derik Goodine Naples, Town of
Lloyd Goodwin Milford, Town of
Jamie Goodwin Sanford, City of
Richard Goodwin Shapleigh, Town of
Steven Googins Cumberland, Town of
Elwood Gordon Madison, Town of
Arthur Grant Brownville, Town of
James Green Cape Elizabeth, Town of
Terry Greenleaf Jay, Town of
Thomas Gregor Monmouth, Town of
Neal Haines Loring Development Authority
Keith Hall Windsor, Town of
Gary Hammond Veazie, Town of
Robert Hanson Hollis, Town of
Stewart Harrington Friendship, Town of
Andrew Hart Union, Town of
Charles Haskell Jay, Town of
Theresa Haskell Windsor, Town of
Earl Hay Bath, City of
Richard Hersom Auburn, City of
Jeffrey Higgins Oakland, Town of
Douglas Hill Old Town, Town of
Scott Hilton Wells, Town of
Brian Hobart Lisbon, Town of
Henry Hodgdon Bath, City of
Thomas Holbrook MaineDOT
Robert Holbrook MaineDOT
Doug Howard South Portland, City of
Todd Hubbard Cape Elizabeth, Town of
Albert Hutchinson Union, Town of
Ben Jacobs Moutn Desert, Town of
Gerry James Presque Isle, City of
Gary Johnson Auburn, City of
Corey Johnson Skowhegan, Town of
John Johnson Jay, Town of
Frank Jones Washington, Town of
Reginald Jordan Poland, Town of
David Judd Lisbon, Town of
James Kane Paris, Town of
Willard Keach West Paris, Town of
James Kiernan Farmington, Town of
Daniel Kinney Skowhegan, Town of
David Kinney Lincolnville, Town of
Ralph Kinney Bridgewater, Town of
David Knox Auburn, City of
Richard Lachance Richmond, Town of
Gerry Lajoie Lewiston, City of
Anthony LaPlante Gardiner, City of
Kenneth LaVallee Bath, City of
Jeff Lavoie Auburn, City of
Donald Lawlor Auburn, City of
Ryan Leighton Lisbon, Town of
Richard Leighton Enfield, Town of
Lee Leiner Bath, City of
Dean Lessard York, Town of
Marvin Lewis Warren, Town of
John Lewis Fryeburg, Town of
Roger Lightbody Sr. Madison, Town of
Kevin Little Maine Turnpike Authority
Ernest Littlefield Lincolnville, Town of
Yves Lizotte Madawaska, Town of
David Lloyd Lincoln, Town of
Gerald Mackenzie Mackenzie General Contractor
Thomas Mann Brunswick, Town of
Thomas Martin Windham, Town of
Keith Martin Lewiston, City of
Patrick McHugh Cheserville, Town of
Jim McNaughton Leed,s Town of
Orland McPherson Eliot, Town of
Jerry MeHuren Belfast, City of
Terry Merrill Arundel, Town of
Willis Merrill Wells, Town of
Thomas Milligan Biddeford, City of
Dale Mitchell HNTB Corporation
Allan Moeller Richmond, Town of
Robert Monfils Houlton, Town of
Timothy Moody Gardiner, City of
Jesse Moon Yarmouth, Town of
Thomas Moran Yarmouth, Town of
Ricci More Brewer, City of
Robert Moreau Rome, Town of
Karl Morse Waterville, City of
Lawrence Mosher Lewiston, City of
Roger Mosley Standish, Town of
John Moultrie Turner, Town of
Gary Murphy Richmond, Town of
Wade Myers Milford, Town of
Duane Nadeau Bucksport, Town of
Larry Nadeau Saco, City of
Steve Nason Kennebunk, Town of
Paul Niehoff PACTS
James Norton Lewiston, City of
Kevin Noyes Portland, City of
Matthew Oakes Bangor, City of
Carlene Oakes Bradford, Town of
Mike O'Brien Auburn, City of
Gary O'Connell Auburn, City of
Adam Ogden Cumberland, Town of
John Orcutt Garfield Plantation
Walter Osborne Jr Scarborough, Town of
David Ouellette Caribou, City of
Peter Owen Bath, City of
Warren Packard West Paris, Town of
Peter Paine Madison, Town of
Frank Paine Madison, Town of
Dennis Palmer Scarborough, Town of
Stephen Panter South Berwick, Town of
Orrin Parker Union, Town of
Scott Parker Minot, Town of
Guy Parks Readfield, Town of
Justin Patrick Belfast, City of
Daniel Pelletier Lewiston, City of
Matthew Pelletier Lewiston, City of
Matthew Pelletier Easton, Town of
Lester Perry Lewiston, City of
Ed Perry Stockton Springs, Town of
Robert Perschy Berwick, Town of
Michael Picard Grand Isle, Town of
Clayton Pierce Clinton, Town of
Robert Pilgrim Bethe,l Town of
James Plummer Freeport, Town of
Daniel Poisson Lisbon, Town of
Timothy Polky Saint George, Town of
Lester Porter Caribou, City of
Benjamin Porter Pownal, Town of
Reginald Poussard Lewiston, City of
Kevin Prout Bowdoinham, Town of
Donald Randall Pownal, Town of
Brett Randall Brewer, City of
Robert Rayot Hallowell, City of
Jay Redimarker South Berwick, Town of
Shawn Reed China, Town of
Kevin Renk Kennebunk, Town of
Wayne Richards Belfast, City of
Robert Richards Belfast, City of
Wesley Richards Belfast, City of
Jeremy Richards Jay, Town of
Alfred Richards Jay, Town of
David Richardson Lewiston, City of
Kenneth Richardson Denmark, Town of
Thomas Richmond Tremont, Town of
Jeffrey Ricker Lewiston, City of
Glenn Ricker Milo, Town of
Steve Rideout Old Town, Town of
Mary Lou Ridley Solon, Town of
Edward Roach III Rangeley, Town of
Timmy Robbins Auburn, City of
Dale Roberts Wilton, Town of
Richard Robshaw Orrington, Town of
Anthony Rossignol Winslow, Town of
Jesse Rowell Paris, Town of
Marcel Roy Lewiston, City of
George Russell Stockton Springs, Town of
Randall Russell Linneus, Town of
Arlan Saunders Minot, Town of
Aaron Scalia Portland, City of
James Schlaefer Tremont, Town of
Jim Scott Poland, Town of
Alan Seames Greenwood, Town of
Robert Seekins Searsport, Town of
Rick Seibel Camden, Town of
William Shane Cumberland, Town of
Cathy Shimko Auburn, City of
Tim Shultz Fryeburg, Town of
Stephen Smith Bangor, City of
Peter Smith Sanford, City of
David Smith Winthrop, Town of
David Sokolich Aroostook, County
Stephen Soucy Skowhegan, Town of
Ronald Springer Norway, Town of
Donald Staples Standish, Town of
Adam Stevens Auburn, City of
Leigh Stilwell Houlton, Town of
Ken Stone Pleasant Hill Excavators
Robert Stowell Yarmouth, Town of
Brian Stoyell Orrington, Town of
Erik Street Yarmouth, Town of
Scott Sumner Bethel, Town of
Galen Swan Bangor, City of
Frank Talbot Bath, City of
Roger Taschereau Arundel, Town of
Stephen Taylor Orrington, Town of
Daniel Taylor Brewer, City of
Dale Taylor Yarmouth, Town of
Arthur Thompson Benton, Town of
James Tibbetts Norway, Town of
Scott Tilton Chelsea, Town of
Kevin Tingley Houlton, Town of
Todd Toussaint Kennebunk, Town of
Edward True Bath, City of
Brian Turner Monson, Town of
Leonard Van Gaasbeek Lake Arrowhead Community
Richard Vaughn Peru, Town of
Barbara Veilleux Penobscot County
Kenneth Vining Wilton, Town of
Gary Wadsworth Auburn, City of
Toby Walker Bethel, Town of
Steve Walker Windham, Town of
Mark Walker Manchester, Town of
Dana Wardwell Bangor, City of
James Wentworth Vassalboro, Town of
Scott Wentworth Kennebunk, Town of
Philip Wentworth North Yarmouth, Town of
Charles Weymouth Milford, Town of
Brian Wharff Sangerville, Town of
Patrick Wheeler Fayette, Town of
John White Paris, Town of
Gerald Whitney Wilton, Town of
Gary Whitten Fryeburg, Town of
Herbert Whittier Monmouth, Town of
Richard Wilkins Sanford, City of
Charles Williams Bath, City of
Steve Wilson Yarmouth, Town of
Darroll Wilson Mars Hill, Town of
Russell Wilson Brewer, City of
John Wing Auburn, City of
James Wing Bath, City of
Robert Wood Freeport, Town of
David Wood Scarborough, Town of
Jere Woollard Presque Isle, City of
Kevin York Yarmouth, Town of
Peter Young Bethel, Town of
Kenneth Young Cape Elizabeth, Town of
  • Anyone attending the same course more than once will not be credited with a "workshop-day", but will receive 1 credit. There will be no time limit to attain "Maine Roads Scholar". All past workshops will count for credit.
  • All Maine "Roads Scholars" will receive a special plaque, public recognition, and a coffee mug or hat designating him or her as a Maine Road Scholar.