Offshore Wind Port Advisory Group (OSWPAG)

The State of Maine has assembled an Offshore Wind Port Advisory Group (OSWPAG) to serve as an advisor to the Maine Department of Transportation, the Governor’s Energy Office, and other state officials regarding the development of a wind port that will allow Maine to realize the environmental and economic benefits of the rapidly developing offshore wind market in a way that reflects community values and minimizes adverse impacts. This OSWPAG process will provide the structure for a robust stakeholder and public communication process with respect to wind port development.

Committee Members

The OSWPAG consists of 19 members representing varied stakeholder viewpoints including environmental, ports and marine transportation, fishing, labor and construction, local communities, and regional and statewide perspectives. The members of the Offshore Wind Port Advisory Group are as follows:


  • Beth Ahearn – Maine Conservation Voters
  • James Gillway – Searsport Town Manager

Other OSWPAG Members (in alphabetical order)

  • Matt Cannon – Sierra Club Maine
  • Joshua Conover – Islesboro Marine Enterprises
  • Dr. Habib Dagher – University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center
  • Dennis Damon – Maine Port Authority
  • Eliza Donoghue – Maine Audubon
  • Francis Eanes – Maine Labor Climate Council
  • Ben Lucas – Maine Chamber of Commerce
  • Capt. David Gelinas – Penobscot Bay & River Pilots Association
  • Hon. Jessie Gunther – Retired Judge
  • Sean Mahoney – Conservation Law Foundation
  • Matt Marks – Associated General Contractors of Maine
  • Paul Mercer – Consultant to the Office of the Governor
  • Steve Miller – Islesboro Islands Trust
  • Rolf Olsen – Friends of Sears Island
  • Mac Smith – Stockton Springs Town Manager
  • Jim Therriault – Sprague Energy
  • James Guerrette – Searsport Local Citizen
Meeting Schedule