Local Agency & Subrecipient Resources for ADA

Local agencies and other public entities are required to comply with 28 CFR Part 35 (Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in State and Local Government Services).

Basic ADA Requirements for Local Agencies/Public Entities:

  1. Designate an ADA coordinator (50 employees or more). 28 CFR §35.107(a)
  2. If the local government has fewer than 50 employees, it is not required to have an ADA coordinator. HOWEVER, it is strongly recommended that an ADA coordinator or ADA designee be appointed.
  3. Develop and post an ADA policy statement. 28 CFR §35.106.
  4. Develop and post grievance procedures/complaint procedures. 28 CFR §35.107(b).
  5. Complete a self-evaluation of current programs, services, and activities. 28 CFR §35. 105.
  6. Develop a transition plan. 28 CFR §35.150(d). (50 employees or more)
  7. Transition plan requirements

Entities with fewer than 50 employees are not exempt from ensuring that their programs, services, and activities are accessible to persons with disabilities. These entities are not subject to some of the same administrative requirements (designating an ADA coordinator and developing a transition plan), although it would be in their best interests to do something similar.

Department of Justice Technical Assistance Document: ADA Update, A Primer for State and Local Governments
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Important MaineDOT Information

MaineDOT works with towns to ensure that ADA compliance is met when MaineDOT facilities are altered. It is important to know MaineDOT's requirements when it comes to sidewalks, curb ramps and crosswalks. To ensure that you are meeting ADA and MaineDOT requirements, the following information is provided: