MaineDOT ADA Inventory Program

Curb Ramp Inventory

MaineDOT’s ADA curb ramp inventory is a living document. It will be updated where errors are found, information is collected, existing facilities are improved, and new facilities are added. Each year MaineDOT does work on its highways and intersections and that data must be tracked and the ADA inventory must be updated. MaineDOT will update this inventory annually each spring to incorporate the prior collection data and project improvements.

To view all known cub ramps on MaineDOT highways visit our MaineDOT Curb Ramp Inventory MapViewer and zoom in to the Maine map. You can click on a curb ramp and review the data that is known about the ramp. Each curb ramp has a colored symbol indicating its status for compliance.

  • Red indicates non-compliance
  • Blue indicates compliance
  • Green indicates the ramp has been updated to the Maximum Extent Feasible and has been deemed Technically Infeasible but usable.
  • Yellow indicates that the ramp has not yet been inspected. (The City of Portland in undergoing its own ADA inventory and only those curb ramps that have been updated by MaineDOT have been updated in this inventory, all others have not been inspected by the MaineDOT)

2024 Curb Ramp Inventory (XLS)

More detail on MaineDOT the MaineDOT inventory process can be found in our MaineDOT ADA Transition Plan (DOC).

Much of our system is not fully compliant. MaineDOT will continue to work toward accessibility, but we still have much to do. Some of our existing infrastructure may never be fully compliant because of hills, slopes, existing infrastructure, historic properties, drainage and other geographical constraints. It is our goal to achieve compliance to the maximum extent allowable given these constraints.

In the future we will be adding data on public facilities on MaineDOT's system. As these inventories are completed, they will be added to this website. Because of COVID restrictions in 2020, our inventory process was delayed. We have updated our target dates for our Inventory Scheduled below:

  • Park and Ride Lots inventory (Only includes those Park and Rides owned by MaineDOT) - Completed 2021
  • Accessible Pedestrian Signals - 2022
  • Rest Areas - Completed 2021
  • Maine State Ferry Service Facilities and piers - Completed 2022
  • Sidewalk Condition Inventory begin 2023