ADA Training

ADA Compliance for Design & Construction

The MaineDOT and the Maine chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) have been collaborating to identify areas where we are finding technical and program challenges and are developing solutions to those challenges. With a renewed focus on ADA compliance and the development of new standard details for curb ramp design, this topic was identified as a challenging area. We have developed training to educate designers and construction staff on ADA expectations, both in design and in the field.


  • Curb Ramp ADA Compliance Inspection Training
  • This video provides instruction for inspecting curb ramps for ADA compliance and provides an overview of the ADA Field Maps App which logs curb ramp attributes for the MaineDOT ADA Curb Ramp Inventory.


  • Pedestrian & Bike Safety in Work Zones Presentation
  • This presentation by Theresa Savoy of MaineDOT reviews the best practices for maintaining Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety during highway construction projects. This video was taken from an annual Highway Program Construction Training.


  • Why We're Here
  • MaineDOT Title II ADA Coordinator Theresa Savoy gives an overview of why we have gathered together for the training.

  • Expectations in Design and Construction
  • MaineDOT Senior Transportation Engineer Atlee Mousseau gives an overview of some of the expectations in design and construction for ADA compliance.

  • Design Standards
  • Theresa Savoy reviews the current ADA design standards.

  • MaineDOT Standard Details
  • MaineDOT Assistant Transportation Engineer Marcel Young-Scaggs covers the new MaineDOT standard details on ADA compliance for curb ramps and sidewalks.

  • Technical Infeasibility
  • Theresa Savoy explains documentation of ADA non-compliant facilities that are determined to be technically infeasible.

  • Case Studies
  • Mark Debowski, Greenman-Pedersen; Don Ettinger, Gorrill Palmer; and Raymond Hanf, Transportation Department Manager, HNTB, team up to review a selection of ADA case studies as a way to better understand the challenges we face in Maine.