August 2017 is All About Walking and Learning More About Your Health Benefits

August is all about walking and knowing some more about your health benefits!

Walking is free and can be done anyplace!  This page, as well as the Activation Station has many links to great walks and hikes for the whole family!  Check it out by viewing the information listed below.

LiveHealth online is a service that allows you to connect to a doctor anytime, anywhere – whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of a road trip. Find out more about this great benefit below.

Walking and Health Benefit Information

  • 10 Benefits of Walking
  • Walking & Hiking Trails in Maine
  • Benefits of Live Health Online
  • It Sharpens your Brain:  Studies have shown walking to help you think better and clearer
  • It Strengthens your Bones:  Walking can help strengthen bones and reduce your risk of osteoporosis. One Nurses’ Health study found that women who walked for a minimum of 4 hours a week saw a 40% reduced risk of hip fractures.
  • It Boosts your Mood:  Walking has shown to improve your mood and decrease stress levels.  The scenery can put your mind in a state of meditation.
  • It Enhances your Circulation:  Walking is great for the heart.  It can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk for stroke.
  • It Reduces your Risk for Tripping and Falling:  Regular walking can improve balance and strength through muscle development.
  • It Bolsters your Memory:  Walking regularly appears to help specifically bolster the hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning.
  • Lesson the Pain of Conditions Like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia:  The moderate, low-impact nature of walking is enough to lower pain and improve function for most. 
  • It Improves your Blood Glucose Levels:  One study published in the journal Diabetes Care found that a brief 15-minute walk after a meal was as effective at lowering blood sugar levels in 24 hours as a longer 45-minute walk.
  • It Raises your Immunity:  Stay healthy with daily steps. A walk every day may even help your body fend off illness better
  • It Improves your Sleep:  Walking may help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly, especially if you suffer from insomnia. A morning walk outdoors may be particularly beneficial since exposure to daylight can help you stay in tune with your natural circadian rhythms.
  • Visit a doctor without going to a doctor's office
    • Sometimes you just need a doctor – whether you’re at home in the middle of the night or in the middle of a road trip. Now you can talk to a doctor any time of day, wherever you are (see Availability). LiveHealth Online lets you have face-to-face conversations with a doctor on your computer or mobile device. It’s medical advice the moment you need it. No appointments. No waiting. So simple. And it costs the same or less than you’d pay for a regular doctor visit.
  • Convenient, two-way video chat
    • LiveHealth Online uses two-way video to connect you with U.S.-based board-certified doctors. And since it’s an online experience, it’s quick, easy and always on your terms. But convenience also comes with excellent service. Doctors using LiveHealth Online can answer your questions, assess your condition and even provide prescriptions* if needed.
  • How it works
    • First you need to sign up, which is quick, easy and free to do. Be sure to enter your insurance information since LiveHealth Online might be a covered benefit. Then, each time you log in, you'll see doctors who are available in your state. Simply click on a doctor’s photo to view his or her star rating, profile and languages spoken. Want to come back later? Bookmarking a doctor's profile is easy. LiveHealth Online even has a preferred provider section where you can store a preferred doctor's information.
  • It's fast
    • Once you select a doctor, click Connect and in just a few minutes you’ll be talking with him or her – face-to-face! During your session, the doctor can review your health history, answer questions, assess your condition and even prescribe prescriptions* if needed. After each session, you can rate your experience and send a record from the LiveHealth Online system to your regular doctor.
  • It's affordable
    • A typical LiveHealth Online visit costs $49 and may be covered by just a copay, depending on your health plan. You’ll always see what you owe before beginning a visit.
  • It's for everyone
    • Anyone can use LiveHealth Online, and doctors can help with many different health issues, such as:
      • Colds
      • Flu
      • Allergies
      • Sinus infections
      • Bronchitis
      • Diarrhea
      • Pinkeye and other eye infections
      • Urinary tract infections
      • Rashes
  • Please Note:
    • LiveHealth Online is not for emergencies. If you’re experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately.
    • *Prescription availability is defined by physician judgment.

For more information, please download the LiveHealth Online brochure (PDF)