Nebulizers for EMTs PowerPoint Resource

As part of the December 1, 2021 Maine EMS Pre-Hospital Protocols, there is expanded scope for EMTs, including the use of Nebulizers, CPAP, and acquiring 12-lead ECGs.  The use of nebulizers is a mandatory skill, whereas CPAP use and acquisition of 12 leads are optional.

EMTs must complete the nebulizer training by March 1, 2022.  Education must be conducted by a Paramedic IC.  To aid in the offering of these classes, Maine EMS has developed a PowerPoint resource for instructors to use.  Instructors may also develop their own didactic education and then submit for approval from a regional office or training center.  Maine EMS is also in the process of developing didactic education for MEMSEd and will provide notification once complete.

Other resources for CPAP, 12-lead ECG acquisition, as well as a variety of other protocol resources can be found on the Protocol page of the Maine EMS website, and scrolling down to 2021 Protocol Resources.

  • Nebulizer Use By EMTs Powerpoint (PPT) (11/24/21)
    • Paramedic ICs may use this for the didactic education portion OR develop their own, approved by a regional office or training center.