Maine EMS Releases Pandemic Phase 2 Protocol

Maine EMS and the Maine EMS Medical Direction & Practices Board have released a clinical bulletin and the COVID-19 Pandemic Phase 2 Response Protocols for all Maine EMS providers.  These can be found below, on the Clinical Bulletins Page, the Maine EMS Protocols Page and the COVID-19 Resource Page.

The Phase 2 protocol may NOT be used until 0800, Friday April 10, 2020.

Maine EMS Providers must complete the MEMSEd Phase 2 Education

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    You will use your elicensing/MEFIRS user name and password. If your password does not work, you will need to reset the password at eLicensing, using the reset password feature. This new password will be valid for MEMSEd, MEFIRS and eLicensing. Passwords must:

    • Have a minimum of eight characters.
    • Contain at least one upper and one lower case character.
    • Contain at least one number.
    • Contain at least one special character (such as # or *). Do not use an exclamation point.