Transporting Preschool Students

School bus regulations apply to preschool programs in Maine. Transportation of preschool is complex. Schools offering transportation to preschool-age children must understand federal, national, and state regulations and guides to determine which apply to their unique student and vehicle transportation situation.  These include:  National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) Federal Guideline for the Safe Transportation of Pre-school Age Children in School Buses; Head Start programs (49 CFR part 1310-1311); National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures; and State statue and rule.   Contact the local district superintendent and school transportation director if you have questions about transporting preschool students at your local school.

Waiver for transportation of public preschool students.  Maine statute, 20-A M.R.S. section 5401, subsection 3-A, allows the commissioner to waive the requirement for school administrative units to provide transportation for public preschool students.  Superintendents may write a letter of request to the commissioner.