Approaches to Learning - Flexibility and Executive Function

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Abstractly: a generalized idea or quality instead of an actual or specific person, object, or action.

Art medium: the materials or methods used by an artist. Example: The child works in two media/mediums, paint and crayons.

Executive Function:  set of skills that include self-control, memory and recall and flexible thinking that children develop in order to be ready to learn and keep their emotions, actions and thinking in control.

Imitate: to copy or do something the same way.

Mind’s eye: if you see something in your mind's eye, you imagine or remember how it looks when you can’t actually see it.

Mirroring the leader: copies the leader by using the same arms and legs as the direction they are facing. Example, an adult is looking at a child and raises right hand, the child would look like the adult but raise their left hand. 

Perspective:  to think about and understand something from another point of view.

Visualize:  to form a mental picture of (someone or something).