Maine First 10 Schools and Communities

Highlighted here are our First 10 Schools and Communities in Maine.  Each drop-down includes a brief outline of the school's action plan, strategies and community partners, along with location, website and contact information.  The links on the right-hand side of the page will bring you directly to each school's action plans.

RSU 12 - Sheepscot Valley 

The focus is on a birth to grade three alignment including curriculum, assessment and instruction practices (pre-k - grade three), improving communication around identified students (pre-k and kindergarten) and engaging families as partners around students’ education and development.  RSU 12 partnered with their local Head Start Programs.

RSU 12 Contact:

Deb Taylor

665 Patricktown Rd, Somerville, ME 04348

+1 207-549-3261

RSU 13 - Rockland

RSU 13’s plan focuses on building their pre-k to kindergarten transition plans for students and families, improving data sharing between pre-k and kindergarten educators and providing support for families with school age children and younger.  The RSU has a Pre-k Coordinator in place, and built their plan with a child-school, family-school, school-school and community-school outlook.  They have partnered with a local agency for family and student support.

RSU 13 Contact:

Ben Tripp

28 Lincoln St, Rockland, ME 04841

+1 207-596-6620

RSU 23 - Old Orchard Beach

With a focus on alignment of District and Community goals, RSU 23 worked on strategies around increasing access and quality of programming (birth-grade 5), engagement and education of families (birth-grade 3), and continued improvement around teaching and learning (pre-k-grade 5).  RSU 23’s plan calls for partnerships with community care providers and non-profit agencies, as well as the funding of a birth-grade 3 coordinator position.

RSU 23 Contact:

Sue Gallant

40 Emerson Cummings Blvd, Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064

+1 207-934-5751

MSAD 74 - Solon Elementary School & Garret Schenck Elementary School

MSAD 74 partnered with their local CAP agency, Head Start and Early Head Start programs to focus on student transition planning for pre-k-kindergarten and beyond, family engagement opportunities that ensure families are supported and educated (prenatal through grade 3) and community awareness, education and support around poverty, trauma and ACES.

MSAD 74 Contact:

Jean Butler

Solon Elementary School                                          Garret Schenck Elementary School

76 S Main St, Solon, ME 04979              19 Ken Taylor St. Anson, ME 04911

+1 207-643-2491                                     +1 207-696-3100               

MSAD 17 - Oxford Hills School District

MSAD 17 worked[LL1]  to improve transitions for students entering pre-k and kindergarten and curriculum alignment by implementing PLCs with PreK and Kindergarten educators.  MSAD 17 partnered with their local Head Start Agency and participated in the Maine DOE’s K4ME curriculum pilot.

MSAD 17 Contact:

Heather Manchester

232 Main St #2, South Paris, ME 04281

+1 207-743-8972

MSAD 37 - The Superintendent of Schools Office

MSAD 37 partnered with Downeast Community partners, including the local Head Start program and other community agencies and programs.  Their focus is around researching and implementing curriculum guidelines (birth through grade 3), aligning standards and curriculum for ages birth through grade 3, forming and expanding on engagement opportunities (birth through grade 3) to educate and enroll families and community care givers.

MSAD 37 Contact:

Mindy Reynolds

1020 Sacarap Rd, Harrington, ME 04643

+1 207-483-2734

MSAD 44 - Bethel

MSAD 44 outlined two initiatives in their action plan. The first initiative is implementation of transition plans and procedures for students entering kindergarten.  This plan calls for opportunities for students and families to become familiar with their new school setting prior to entering school and outlines Kindergarten screenings for all incoming students. The second initiative is increased focus on family engagement to allow families to participate in their children’s education more fully.  They partnered with local Head Start programs.

MSAD 44 Contact:

Tanya Arsenault

284 Walkers Mills Rd, Bethel, ME 04217

+1 207-824-2136

MSAD 55 - Sacopee Valley

Sacopee Valley’s Action Plan calls for community partnerships with transportation to improve family engagement and supports for children ages birth-8, a continued high-quality pre-k program, increased procedures around transitions for pre-k students entering into kindergarten and collaboration between pre-k and kindergarten staff around curriculum, assessment and data alignment.  The focus is around positive student outcomes by involving families, community partners and district staff.

MSAD 55 Contact:

Sue Day

137 S Hiram Rd, Hiram, ME 04041

+1 207-625-2490

Millinocket School Department

Millinocket School District focuses on family engagement through Play and Grow Groups with families and children younger than pre-k.  They also are working toward transition plans into the public school, including “open-house” opportunities for families and screenings for incoming pre-k students.  The final focus of this action plan includes introduction of ReadyGen curriculum to Kindergarten and pre-k teachers, coupled with assessments of the curriculum.

Millinocket School District Contact:

Josh McNaughton

191 Granite St, Millinocket, ME 04462

+1 207-723-6425

Lewiston School Department Superintendent Office

The initiatives the Lewiston Public Schools focused on are to develop an improved focus on social/emotional and trauma informed teaching, building partnerships in the community to strengthen family engagement and supports, including adding a Family Services Coordinator and a Public Pre-k Coordinator.  They also have a focus on improving access to high-quality childcare for ages 3-5 and building a stronger birth to third-grade continuum encompassing curriculum and assessment alignment, and collaboration between educators and families.  The Lewiston Public Schools partnered with local Head Start programs among many other stakeholders in the community.

Lewiston Public Schools Contact:

Monica Miller

36 Oak St, Lewiston, ME 04240

+1 207-795-4100

Cherryfield Elementary School

Cherryfield Public Schools has focused on family engagement, pre-k through grade 8, incorporating a family needs assessment, as well as partnering with community childcare providers toward seamless transitions for children entering public pre-k.  Their goal is to increase family involvement through play and learn groups and curriculum education for families.

Cherryfield Public Schools Contact:

Melanie Piper

85 School St, Cherryfield, ME 04622

+1 207-546-7949

Cornville Regional Charter School (CRCS)

The first focus for CRCS is family engagement with activities for families, play and learn groups for families with younger children, and hosting a lending library for families with all-age children.  The plan also includes goals around student transition into the school, and curriculum alignment with a focus on data around literacy.

CRCS Contact:

Nicki Reinholt

1192 W Ridge Rd, Cornville, ME 04976

+1 207-474-8503

Vassalboro Community School

Vassalboro School Districts plan has a focus on student transition from pre-k to second grade, enabling educators to have more student background information, and for families to understand the process and be educated on the new grade levels their students are entering.  The plan includes opportunities for students and families to visit the new classrooms and schools and gives families the ability to meet with school educators and counselors.

Vassalboro Contact:

Megan Allen

1116 Webber Pond Rd, Vassalboro, ME 04989

+1 207-923-3100