April - Poetry Month

A Reason to Celebrate in April

Celebrating National Poetry Month

The National Council of Teachers of English

NCTE provides resources for teaching poetry any time and suggests activities to support National Poetry Month

Poems, Poems Everywhere! 

Looking for poems to inspire, read aloud, ponder, or teach? Check out these resources. 

Maine DOE Celebrates Poets

Read poetry  - to yourself, your family, your dog. Let us know where you are reading, what you are reading, and to whom you are reading fabulous poetry!

  • Read in the round. Select a poem and have each person in your home read a line or a stanza. Practice changing your voice and reading with different emotions.
  • Write a poem. Tell a story about soemthing you remember, how you are feeling, or something you wish. 
  • Create a collage of photos or images with lines from a favorite poem. How does the poem look to you?