Literacy for ME - Resources

Literacy for ME Brochures

This collection of brochures describes literacy development at different points in time along the birth to adult continuum, and provides suggestions for ways in which parents and community members can support literacy learning. The brochures include a space for community literacy teams or organizations to include their contact information. The age spans of the brochures include:

Video: Literacy for ME: An Investment In Maine. This is a one minute video that provides an overview of the Literacy for ME initiative and its importance to Maine’s well-being.

Literacy for ME Informational Videos

A three-part series of informational videos (3 min. each) that describe literacy development at different points in time and present ways in which parents and community members can support literacy education efforts.

Read to ME Challenge

Summer Literacy

To keep Maine kids learning throughout the summer, the Maine Department of Education has teamed up with a variety of partners to offer exciting and fun resources to help students retain the literacy skills they gained this past school year, while ramping up their skills for next fall.

Informational Materials

  • By the Numbers (PDF, 508KB) is a collection of Maine related literacy data and data resources organized by age/grade spans.  
  • Community Literacy Partners. (RTF, 130KB) This is a listing of organizations in Maine that can serve as partners on community literacy teams and/or provide support to community literacy teams.
  • Literacy Resources Guide for Parents and Community. (PDF, 98KB) Listing of online links to literacy-related organizations at the state and national level. Through these organizations, a variety of literacy related information and resources can be obtained.
  • Literacy for ME one-page informational sheet (PDF, 658KB)
  • Literacy for ME two-page informational sheet (PDF, 115KB) | DOC (998KB)
  • Literacy for ME Brochure for Parents and Community Members. (PDF, 2MB). Tri-fold brochure offering suggestions on how parents and community members can support literacy growth across the birth to adult span.

Sample Literacy Learning Targets

Progression of literacy learning targets for age/grade spans from birth to adult, written in less technical terms than standards documents.