II Starter Kit

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The Interdisciplinary Instruction Starter Kit has asynchronous learning modules to introduce interdisciplinary instruction.  If a topic piques your interest, you can find deeper dives on the professional learning home page.  If you would like a contact hour for your work, please e-mail Kathy.Bertini@maine.gov


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Getting Started with II focuses on practical ways to implement interdisciplinary instruction.  
Getting Started with Inquiry provides a broad overview of inquiry and how it connects to interdisciplinary instruction.
Student-Centered Learning focuses on designing classrooms that centers on student exploration.


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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) focuses on planning for equitable access to content and multiple ways for students to demonstrate their learning.
Foundational Skills are the initial building blocks of literacy and numeracy and how they connect to interdisciplinary learning. 
New Literacies involve the skills of critical thinking, digital creation, and responsible online engagement, including social media literacy, visual literacy, and information evaluation.


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Supporting Students in Questioning is an introduction to the Question Formulation Technique (QFT), which can be used with students to generate questions.