Exploring New Literacies

chalk board, books, glassesLiteracy skills are essential to support learning in any context and any discipline, whether the learning is directed or independent. The concept of literacy has changed not only over the last century, but over the last decade and even since the beginning of a pandemic. New literacies are essentials when students apply their learning across disciplines and to novel contexts, in the classroom and beyond the school walls. Literacy skills in a broad sense are critical to support student led learning that leads to conceptual understandings. Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning honors authenticity, voice, choice and deep learning to reach 21st Century competencies.

Learn more about new concepts of what it means to be literate and how new literacies support workplace and life competencies. Begin with the independent learning module New Literacies to learn current beliefs about what it means to be literate. Then study Literacy and Collaboration, a necessary workplace competency. Finally, study Literacy and Complexity. What interventions do we need to meet these new literacies? 

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