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Assessing student learning is an essential aspect of education, as it provides data that can lead to improved instruction and outcomes. The Maine Comprehensive Assessment System (MECAS) provides information about the academic progress of students, schools, the state, and the nation as a whole. The MECAS includes state assessments, known as the Maine Educational Assessments, as well as national and international assessments.

Assessments take many forms, and each type of assessment has distinct value and purpose. In a balanced assessment system, state and national assessments are one “piece of the puzzle,” and the results are meant to be triangulated with multiple other data sources to provide a comprehensive picture of student learning at the state, district, school, and student levels. In Maine, state assessment data are also used to inform the state’s accountability model and determine where supports and resources are most needed. As a part of this collaborative process between Maine’s educators, schools, SAUs, and the Maine Department of Education, we continue to strive to ensure that every child has an equitable opportunity for success.

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Jodi Bossio-Smith
Director of Assessment
Phone: 207-530-1462
Krista Averill
Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 207-215-6528
Regina Lewis, Ph.D.
NAEP & International Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 207-530-1355


Jodi Bossio-Smith
Alternate & ELP Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 207-530-1462


Leah Jarvis
Business Analyst
Phone: 207-441-0207


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