MSAA Science

 Maine's alternate assessment in science is the MSAA Science, administered in grades 5, 8, and third year high school.  MSAA Science is administered online within the same platform as the MSAA in math and ELA/literacy.  A paper-based test is available to print as identified on the student's IEP.

In 2022, Maine will be participating in field test year two of the MSAA Science, with standard setting scheduled to take place in the summer of 2022.

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The MSAA measures individual student progress for those students which meet the criteria to participate in alternate assessments.  The MSAA utilizes Extended Performance Expectations, which are the alternate achievement standards in science aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.  

Extended Performance Expectations in Science

MSAA Science Elementary Grade Level Standards

MSAA Science Middle School Grade Level Standards

MSAA Science High School Grade Level Standards


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2021-2022 Alternate Assessment Timeline


MSAA Administration Tools


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Additional Materials


Resources for Determining Eligibility

These resources are designed to support IEP teams in making data-driven decisions about eligibility and participation in the alternate assessments.