Maine’s Age-Friendly State Plan

In 2019, Maine was designated as an Age-Friendly State, joining many cities and communities across the globe who are committed to becoming more inclusive of people of all ages. Maine is very proud to now be part of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities and the World Health Organization's Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities. Joining this network was just the first step in a multi-year process. Age-Friendly states and communities are encouraged to plan and implement strategies that best fit the assets and opportunities of their state and community, as well as embrace and assess multiple domains of livability.

As a result, Maine engaged multiple stakeholders and community leaders throughout 2020 in drafting an Age-Friendly State Plan. Two committees, the Age-Friendly State Advisory Committee (AFSAC), and the Age-Friendly State Steering Committee (AFSSC), worked throughout the year to create Maine-focused Age-Friendly domains, to identify and highlight many of the existing organizations doing important work in this area, and to draft domain-specific goals, referred to as Strategic Objectives, that will guide our efforts moving forward. Using this Age-Friendly State Plan as a guide, we hope you will join us in making Maine more livable for people of every age.

Maine thanks the Advisory Committee for its time and invaluable insights, which helps to better serve the State's aging population, and to Public Allies, Livable Community Corps for their assistance in staffing this effort. We will now turn to implementing the recommendations as we work with other state agencies on age-friendly policies in across connected areas.

Do you have questions about Maine's Age-Friendly initiative? Please contact the Policy and Program Developer by email at or by phone at (207) 287-9200.


Age-Friendly State Committee

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Age-Friendly State Committee Meeting Minutes

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