Community Involvement

Community is where all people are valued for their unique gifts and talents and everyone feels welcome in places, businesses, organizations, clubs and associations as members, volunteers, learners, and citizens.

OADS encourages people to explore their community for places that they can join, become a member of, volunteer or learn something new while building new relationships.

Volunteering and giving back

Getting involved in local organizations is a great way to give back and contribute your skills to your community. We know that you may need help finding ways to get involved and volunteer. There are resources available that can help you get started.

Joining clubs, groups, and community places

There are also people in your home and community who can help support you in finding activities or events you may be interested in.  For example, try asking for help from family and friends to get out into the community- attending events, try joining groups and clubs together with other people you already know.

Community Support Services can help you to explore the community, find places to join or become involved in, or learn something new. This service can help you connect to activities in your own community involving spirituality, health, wellness, and job preparedness.

Home Support, Shared Living, and Family Centered Services can help you with activities such as grocery shopping, going to the doctors, attending places of worship, seeing family, voting, and accessing community events and activities.

Where do I start?

Talk to people who support you and people on your team about your interests and where in a community you want to explore. If you don’t know ask for help through friends/family, Community Support, Community Membership, or Home Support to explore what’s out there that you can get involved in.