Employment Services

Why work is important

Every person. Every talent. Every opportunity.  

A job provides many positive outcomes: money, benefits, a place to belong, and a chance to learn new skills. For individuals with disabilities, there are supports available that can help you prepare for work, get a job, and keep that job.

Employment Services and Information

Explore employment in businesses paying at least minimum wage through waiver services. These services are provided in conjunction with the Bureau of Rehabilitation and do not replace what is available through them.

Waiver Employment Services:

  • Career Planning – provides up to 60 hours to explore interests, skills, and abilities and to spend time learning in at least three businesses. 
  • Work Support – provides on the job support to assist in learning job duties, building connections with supervisors and co-workers, and maintaining employment.
  • Employment Specialist -- provides support to build connections on the job and increase skills.

Getting Started on Employment

Talk about jobs and work with your support team – tell them you want to explore getting a job or starting your own business. Use the Find Your Path to Employment discussion guide to talk about what you want and what services could help. For more assistance or questions contact: Lisa.D.Sturtevant@maine.gov or call 207 287-9200.