Self-Directed Services

Self-directed services are now available to Maine people who receive services through the Section 29 HCBS Support Waiver.  

Self-direction allows you to manage your own services and puts you in the driver's seat. You have choice and control over:

  • What services you want
  • Who provides the service and support
  • When the service or support is provided
  • Where the service or support is provided
  • How the service or support is provided

Here's a short video describing the self-directed service model: Understanding Self Direction in Maine’s Section 29 Waiver Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can be self-directed? 
  • Home Support (Quarter Hour)
  • One-On-One Community Membership
  • Individual-Directed Goods and Services 
  • Assistive Technology Devices and Transmission
  • Home Accessibility Adaptations 
Who is a good candidate for self-direction? 

Everyone has the ability to self-direct their care with the right support, regardless of their level of ability.

What if I am unable to self-direct independently? 

If you need help self-directing, you can choose someone to be your authorized representative. This is usually a trusted family member or friend.  

If I choose self-direction but don’t like it, can I go back to using agency services? 

Yes. You always have the option to return to agency services. You may also choose to self-direct some services and continue to work with an agency for other services. 

What if I am interested in self-direction but don’t already know someone who I want to hire? 

If you don’t have someone you want to hire you can work with a Support Broker to help you find someone. The Support Broker can also help you with other issues you may have with the self-direction process. 

Who can I hire as a worker in self-direction? 

You can choose anyone you wish as a worker, including family or friends, if that person is able to pass a background check and complete training. If you are using an authorized representative, you cannot hire that person as a support worker. 

What are the training requirements for self-direction? 

The member, or their representative, set the training requirements for self-direction. This allows training based on the needs of the member. Some training may be provided by the member, their friends, or family members. Other training might be provided by professionals, as directed by the member. 

What do members and their families say about self-direction?

"I like the ability to choose who I want to work with, check references, and control who I bring into the house.”

"With self-direction, he is happier, healthier, and living a life that he has full control over."

"Without the kind of personal care that I receive at home, I would have to be in some sort of living facility because I’m not able to take care of myself. But that is just not the kind of situation I would want to end up in. I like my home, I like my community, and I want the level of independence that I have."

What do I do next if I want to self-direct?