Training Program

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MEMA offers training courses developed and funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Eligible students include government officials from all levels of government, emergency services personnel, representatives from private sector organizations, representatives of business and industry, community emergency volunteers, and other personnel with responsibility for response to or management of resources related to emergency preparedness activities of government.

Course offerings, dates and locations are subject to change based on student enrollment, availability of instructors, facilities and funding.

Many courses are sponsored through the County Emergency Management Agencies. Please check our Training Announcements and online training calendar for opportunities or contact your County Emergency Management Agency.

Additional Training Resources

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FEMA/DHS: Center for Domestic Preparedness Training
FEMA: Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
FEMA: How to Apply for Training
FEMA: NIMS Training
FEMA: Standard Training Application 119-25-1
Maine Fire Service Institute

MEMA Training Policies and Guidance

DOE Key Personnel NIMS Training [2015]
NIMS/ICS Required Training Letter [2015]: (pdf format)
NIMS/ICS Training Requirements for Maine [2015]: (pdf format)
MEMA Training Approval Guidance [2016]: (pdf format)
State of Maine Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan [2018]: (pdf format)
FEMA: How to Apply for Training
How to apply for courses at EMI and other federal sites, field courses and independent study courses.
FEMA: Standard Training Application 119-25-1
Direct link to FEMA Form 119-25-1 in fillable .pdf format. Used for all national level training and State-conducted field courses. Requires free Adobe™ Reader

Specific application instructions for field courses will be contained in Training Announcements and Calendar listings (see tabs above).  FEMA Form 119-25-1 is required for all MEMA- and FEMA-sponsored training