Disaster Recovery

MEMA administers FEMA Disaster Recovery programs for the State when a disaster results in a Major Disaster Declaration. Occasionally, when the State does not qualify for FEMA assistance, disaster assistance from the Small Business Administration ( ) may be available in the form of disaster loans for homeowners and renters, as well as businesses.

When the State does not qualify for federal assistance, MEMA works with the , and the State Disaster Recovery Team and many more state and local partners to find existing resources to assist communities and individuals. These same partners play an important role even when Federal assistance is received, to address unmet needs and support the long-term recovery of individuals, families, communities and the entire state.

Here is the rule that governs the process for the expenditure of funds from the Maine Disaster Recovery Fund, established pursuant to Title 37-B M.R.S. ยง745.

Resources for Individuals and Families.  

Visit the Recovery section of Maine Prepares to learn about resources available to individuals dealing with emergencies.