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In accordance with Maine Statute, Title 37-B, Chapter 13, Subchapter 1, the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has developed the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) to provide a framework for state-level emergency management activities and to define how State Government interfaces with other emergency management stakeholders, including Local, County, and Tribal Governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), other states, the Federal Government, and the private sector.

Planning provides three principal benefits:

  • It allows jurisdictions to influence the course of events in an emergency by determining in advance the actions, policies, and processes that will be followed;
  • It guides other preparedness activities; and
  • It contributes to unity of effort by providing a common blueprint for activity.

The State of Maine is vulnerable to a host of natural, technological, and man-made hazards, from nor’easters, tornados and hurricanes to pandemics, urban fires, hazardous materials releases, and acts of terrorism. Government has responsibility to safeguard the general public by planning for the occurrence of these hazards.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

Documents under revision; for more information please contact us at the link below


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Name Type pdf other Year
Incident Annex 4 Radiological Emergency Response:
Plan 733379-pdf 2017
Incident Annex 5: Drought:
Plan 734868-pdf 2017
EOP Information Sheet:
Plan 651463-pdf 2017
EOP Base Plan:
Plan 651466-pdf 2017
ESF-01 Transportation:
Plan 651460-pdf 2017
ESF-02 Communications:
Plan 651462-pdf 2017
ESF-03 Public Works Engineering:
Plan 653021-pdf 2017
ESF-04 Firefighting:
Plan 653035-pdf 2017
ESF-05 Information Planning:
Plan 636063-pdf 2017
ESF-06 Mass Care Emergency Assistance Housing Human Services:
Plan 636064-pdf 2017
ESF-07 Logistics:
Plan 636068-pdf 2017
ESF-08 Public Health Medical Services:
Plan 636070-pdf 2017
ESF-09 Search Rescue:
Plan 636069-pdf 2017
ESF-10 Oil Hazardous Materials:
Plan 636071-pdf 2017
ESF-11 Agriculture Animals Natural Resources:
Plan 636072-pdf 2017
ESF-12 Energy:
Plan 636078-pdf 2017
ESF-13 Public Safety Security:
Plan 53927-pdf 2017
ESF-14 Transistion to Recovery:
Plan 53921-pdf 2017
ESF-15 External Affairs:
Plan 53928-pdf 2017
Incident Annex 2 Tsunami:
Plan 732511-pdf 2017
Incident Annex 3 Cyber Incident:
Plan 732508-pdf 2017
Documents under revision; for more information please contact us at the link below


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