News Release Distribution

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Press releases are sent out via e-mail, distributed through MEMA's subscription service, posted on the MEMA Home page, the complete news release library and this site. Depending on the subject matter, they will also be posted on different areas of the MEMA web site.

During an emergency, Press Releases and Fact Sheets are distributed via e-mail and posted on the MEMA Home page (News section) and the Maine Prepares main page. Urgent information will also be posted on and may additionally be distributed via the Maine Citizen Alert system.

Press Releases and Media Advisories are also distributed via e-mail to a large list of recipients. If e-mail is unavailable, press releases will be distributed via FAX to all television stations, daily newspapers and wire services, at a minimum.

Additional Information Available

A "subset" of announcements intended primarily for the emergency management community and other users of our website, are not typically directly distributed as press releases. Examples would be training announcements or grant availabilities. However, these announcements can be received via our subscription service.

Other items available via subscription include a weekly summary of upcoming events, weather alerts and snow survey map update notifications.

We recommend that you subscribe through's press release service to receive MEMA and other State Government press releases via e-mail, text alerts and RSS. You can also elect to receive Citizen Alerts from

When a federal disaster has been declared in the State of Maine, all disaster-related releases and other published information will be available on the FEMA web site.

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