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In 1775 we had Paul Revere. Today we have more options!

Thanks to a subscription service offered by, you can now sign up to receive news and emergency information from MEMA by e-mai.

It is very easy to sign up for these e-mails and to change your choices after you have signed up. You can make the most of the system by reviewing the tips on this page. Then simply sign up in the form to the left.

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MEMA News and Information:

  • Subscribe by topic OR All MEMA News. If you subscribe All MEMA News and a topic, you will get duplicate e-mails
  • Upcoming Events: Comes out once a week on Fridays, with the next week's activities from our online EMA Calendar
  • Narrowbanding Resources will let you know when we have added new information to our Narrowbanding page
  • Severe or Emergency Events is available by text message as well as e-mail. This will include news and safety messages regarding any current emergencies
  • Training and Exercise News ensures you will get all training announcements and exercise news


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Weather Notifications for Maine:

MEMA no longer offers NWS weather alerts as part of our subscription services. Here are some suggestions for weather and other hazard notifications. Your preferred local news source may also provide online weather information or automated messaging.

Other Agencies Offering Subscription Services

Visit to sign up for Citizen Alerts, other government news, and to learn about other agencies offering subscription services. If you subscribe to MEMA's service, you'll also have an opportunity to review and sign up for these other services.