National Incident Management System

Implementation in Maine

The State of Maine was an early adopter of the National Emergency Management System (NIMS).  The goal of Maine's implementation of NIMS is to ensure that all response partners can work together seamlessly during an event.

In accordance with federal guidelines, NIMS compliance is required for all applicants for Homeland Security grants and Emergency Management Performance grants.

There are five essential elements for compliance:

  • Adoption of NIMS by the jurisdiction through Proclamation, Resolve, Ordinance, or other means of local government recognition.
  • Development and adoption of an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the jurisdiction that meets NIMS criteria.
  • Training of personnel to the appropriate levels of Incident Command System (ICS) training as outlined in the NIMS-ICS Minimum Training Requirements for Maine.
  • Ensuring the inventory and typing of emergency response equipment to national standards (to include Public Works assets)

Maine has developed specific guidance for NIMS compliance within the State. We've provided documents relating to Maine's implementation of NIMS, as well as links to FEMA's NIMS website. For more information, please contact us.

Maine NIMS Implementation Documents

FEMA NIMS Resources