Maine Dam Safety Program

State law regulating the safety of dams in Maine is Title 37B MRSA , Chapter 24, entitled “Dam Safety” which assigns administration of the Maine Dam Safety Program (DSP) to the Maine Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management, with duties to;

  • Inspect existing dams and reservoirs to determine their hazard potential
  • Review the design and construction of new and reconstructed dams
  • Assist dam owners develop emergency action plans (EAP’s) to minimize the effect of dam failure
  • Take all necessary actions in emergency situations of probable dam failure to protect life and property.

The Maine Dam Safety program facilitates Emergency Action Planning with owners of all high and significant hazard dams in Maine, inspects State-regulated dams for both hazard and condition, and recommends action on inspection findings.

The Program is funded by the State and FEMA grants. The principal grant is the National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) grant administered by FEMA.