Maine Golden Eagle Observations (2013-2023) and Historic Breeding Regions

This map shows historic breeding regions and areas with documented golden eagle observations between 2013 and 2023. Camera traps set up for the Maine Golden Eagle Study in these areas are of particular interest but sites outside of these areas are still of great value. Observations and documented breeding are intentionally not distinguished to help keep nesting areas private. All maps were created by Tricia Miller, Conservation Science Global.

Click on a county name below to view a more detailed map. Note that Androscoggin, Aroostook, and Knox counties do not have evidence of historic breeding or any documented observations from 2013-2023.

Androscoggin County

Aroostook County

Cumberland County

Franklin County

Hancock County

Kennebec County

Knox County

Lincoln County

Oxford County

Penobscot County

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Sagadahoc County

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