For Landowners

Private landowners own over 95% of the land in Maine. Of that 95%, corporate forest landowners own roughly half, with the balance owned by small woodlot owners, farmers, and residential landowners.

Private landowners are integral to the conservation of our wildlife heritage and natural resources and are stewards of our endangered and threatened species. Landowners have many options available to support their natural resource goals, from state and sometimes local tax incentives to Beginning with Habitat support for wildlife-friendly management.

With help from Beginning with Habitat, landowners can learn what is on their property and how it fits in to the larger landscape and plan for its future in a way that preserves and enhances the quality of place for people and wildlife.

By involving BwH in the early stages of planning, landowners can move forward with a full awareness and consideration of the entire natural ecosystem, enabling them to plan with it in mind and make the most of their land.

If you own land in Maine, browse the resources below or contact us to discuss your goals and opportunities.

Case Studies

In Biddeford, a landowner hoped to develop a residential subdivision around rare wildlife habitats. Beginning with Habitat worked with them to create a plan that protected the area’s wildlife species and put open space where it would yield the greatest ecological benefit.

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