For Land Trusts

Maine’s 80-plus land trusts collectively conserve more than 12% of the state, providing over 2.34 million acres of publicly accessible land, more than a thousand miles of recreational trails, critical wildlife habitat, managed forests, and working waterfronts and farms.

Maine has the least amount of publicly owned land in the Northeast (around 6%), so land trusts provide important open space for people and wildlife while also connecting the landscape around them.

Whether your land trust is planning its next conservation project or a new educational program, Beginning with Habitat can help provide the habitat data and tools to help make your project a success. Please also visit the Maine Land Trust Network for additional resources.

Case Studies

For 17 years, the Georges River Land Trust operated without a conservation plan and conserved an average of 50 acres per year. Working with Beginning with Habitat changed that: the Trust now conserves 200 acres annually, and 70 percent of that is high-value habitat.

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