For Municipalities

Beginning with Habitat helps Maine municipalities make scientifically informed choices about where to encourage development and where to focus their conservation efforts.

Our program houses the most comprehensive information on the location and quality of waters, wetlands, plant and animal habitats, and large unfragmented landscapes statewide. Much of this information is available online through our maps database, and we also provide every Maine town with three primary maps and three supplemental maps with a range of information specific to their location.

Using all of this data plus our collective expertise, we are able to help elected officials, municipal planners, and conservation commissions make informed land use decisions that balance conservation with development.

If you are involved with conservation planning in your town, please contact us to discuss how Beginning with Habitat can support your goals. Before contacting us you may want to explore the resources below. Please also visit the Municipal Planning and Assistance Program and the Maine Association of Conservation Commissions for additional resources.

Case Studies

The Town of Brunswick sought a plan that would meet its long-term housing, recreation, and conservation needs. Beginning with Habitat helped the community create a blueprint that satisfied developers, realtors, residents, and recreational interests alike while protecting more than 800 acres.

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