Arctic Charr

Artic Charr

Common Name: Landlocked Arctic Charr

Other Names: Charr, Blueback Trout, Silver Trout, Sunapee Trout, White Trout

Scientific Name: Salvelinus alpinus oquassa

Origin: Native

Adult Size: Charr in Maine can live up to 15 years and attain a size of about 20 inches and 3 pounds. More often charr are much smaller; in some lakes the average size is closer to 6 inches and a few ounces in weight. A fish larger than 2 pounds is of significant size.

Identification: The charr is a slender member of the salmon and trout family. Usually dark on the back, lighter on the belly, and having light spots on the sides. Paired fins are orange to red with a bright white leading edge. Tail is moderately forked. During breeding season, both sexes become highly colored. Coloration can then range from pink to orange bellies, blue to brown backs, and creamy to orange spots. Fin colors can also become very intense during spawning.