Closing Package Information

GAAP Closing Package 
Description Date Format
FY2023 GAAP Closing Package Instructions 06/16/2023 Word
GASB 51-96 Survey 06/16/2023 Excel
GASB 94 PPP & APA Survey 06/16/2023 Excel
GAAP Information Checklist & Financial Disclosure Certification 06/16/2023 Word
Leases 06/16/2023 Excel
No Asset Certification 06/16/2023 Word
Property Officer Certification 06/16/2023 Word

Controller's Bulletin FY23-11 - See Controller's Bulletins Page

Component Unit Guidance Package
Description Date Format
FY2024 Component Unit Guidance Package Instructions 01/26/2024 PDF
Component Unit Draft Transmittal Letter 01/26/2024 Word
Component Unit Reporting Package Template 01/26/2024 Excel

Controller's Bulletin FY24-06 - See Controller's Bulletins Page

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