Photos courtesy of Tracie Eastman and Douglas E. Cotnoir.

Office of the State Controller

State Controller Douglas E. Cotnoir, CPA, CIA

Our Vision:

To promote and achieve sound financial management practices with measurable, transparent results which garner public confidence. We succeed by developing credible financial leadership, ongoing alliances for timely creative change, and a statewide fiscal staff that serve as reliable, professional resources and collaborative partners.

What we do:

The Office of the State Controller is responsible for maintaining and reporting all state financial transactions. We prepare and publish the state's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. In accordance with Title 5, section 1541 of the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated, we prescribe accounting policy and maintain records according to Government Accounting Standards Board rules. Our staff analyzes fiscal transactions and payrolls to ensure legality and correctness. Additionally, we provide internal audit support for the agencies that comprise state government.

The Office of the State Controller is comprised of seven Divisions:

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • ERP Operations
  • Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Internal Audit
  • Payroll
  • Risk Management









Douglas E. Cotnoir, CPA, CIA - State Controller
Shirley A. Browne, CIA, MBA - Deputy State Controller

Office of the State Controller:
14 State House Station; Augusta, Maine 04333; Phone: (207) 626-8420; Fax: (207) 626-8422