Cash Receipts

Manual & Reference Material
Description Date Format
Cash Receipts Manual 3.9 05/12/2016 PDF
3.11 CR Document Instructions 10/16/2019 PDF
3.11 CRAJ Document Instructions 10/16/2019 PDF
3.11 CRCC Document Instructions 10/16/2019 PDF
3.11 CRRT Document Instructions 10/16/2019 PDF
3.11 TRF Document Instructions 10/16/2019 PDF

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Section Objectives:

  • Data enter all cash receipts to process deposits, credit card payments, Automated Clearing House (ACH) and wire transfers, and negative cash receipts. All cash receipt entry is performed manually by the users in Advantage.
  • Data enter all cash receipts received from external customers to liquidate previously billed amounts, amounts received from external entities, such as Federal Government, and cash received from entities that are not tracked in Advantage (also referred to as "cash over the counter")
  • Prepare and print deposit tickets for departments that utilize the pre-printed stock from TD Banknorth.
  • Approve electronically all cash receipt documents by the Department's supervisors and when applicable, approvals by OST staff. This means that all approval processing is performed in Advantage.
  • Search, inquiries, and net effect of all cash receipt documents including searching for draft cash receipts, cash receipts awaiting approval and cash receipts that have been fully approved. The effect of final cash receipt documents on customer accounts, the budgets, ledgers and journals is all tracked in Advantage.
  • Data enter all adjustments to process returned items, debit/credit adjustments, bank account corrections and chart of account corrections
  • Request adjustments to a previously approved cash receipt document, as a result of unmatched bank transactions, is available in Advantage with data interfaced from TAMI on a daily basis. This allows the users to work solely in Advantage rather than toggle between TAMI and Advantage.
  • Create, approve and track all adjustment requests

With the implementation of Advantage, cash receipt processing will be performed in Advantage rather than TAMI, while keeping the bank reconciliation function performed by the Office of the State Treasurer (OST) in TAMI.