Accounts Receivable

Manual & Reference Material
Description Date Format
Accounts Receivable & Advanced Billing Manual 3.9 05/12/2016 PDF
3.11 RE Document Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 VCM - Suppress Billing Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 VCM - Adding a New BPRO to a Customer Account Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 VCC - Entering a New Customer Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 VCM - Adding a Customer to an Existing Vendor Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 REMS/IETM - Process Payments against an Internal Service Bill 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 REMS - View and Download Internal Service Bills (FSSUM) 10/15/2019 PDF
REMS Internal Service Prefix Table 05/26/2023 PDF
Credit Balance and Auto Netting Instructions 3.9 09/18/2013 PDF

**Documents are supplied in PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader for viewing or printing. If you need an alternate format, please contact us via email or phone (207-626-8420).


Section Objectives:

  • Establish and modify a Customer (VCUST) and Customer Account (CACT) using the VCC and VCM Documents
  • Create a Billing Profile on the Billing Profile (BRPO) table
  • Process a Receivable (RE) Document
  • Set up recurring Receivable (RE) Documents
  • Modify a Receivable (RE) Document
  • Use online inquiries to find customer information, approval status and other information
  • Process Invoices and Statements
  • Manage Past Due Accounts

Advantage records Revenue and Receivable activity. Revenue is defined as income to the State of Maine that is recorded as an income statement account. Examples of revenue are tax collections and income earned for goods and services provided. A Receivable creates the billing for an event taht resulted in money being owed to the State of Maine; examples include fines due to the State of maine for violation of a government regulation, fees, permits, etc.

This section introduces you to Accounts Receivable business processes and how Advantage will support your day to day activities.