Aging is the process in which accounts receivables are aged and reserved by percentage depending on the length of time the receivable for goods/services has been outstanding; i.e Current (0%), 90 days (25%), 6 months (50%)or a year 100%).

Each year by the end of March, a list of a department's receivable accounts must be gathered, compared to the B915 report and submitted to the Controller's Office. The B915 report can be found in FORTIS under "B9151". This report is at an appropriation level. To gather a list at the reporting unit level (which is preferable), the department can either request a list from the Controller's Office or query the financial data warehouse.

At the time of the aging request, any department that has items that are at 100% uncollectible for more than one year must have already been submitted for charge off; otherwise the charge off amount must wait for the charge off period the following year. Please see the Charge Off tab for more information.

Reference Material
Description Date Format
Aging Memo FY2020 05/04/2020 PDF
Aging Worksheet FY2020 05/04/2020 Excel

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