Location and Highway Opening Permits

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Location Permits

Please note that Location Permit Applications must be submitted to the MaineDOT Regional Office in which the proposed work is to be done.  
Location Permit FAQ
  • Who Needs a Location Permit?
    In short, anyone who will be installing new facilities along a public highway corridor. For more specific information regarding facilities along state and state‐aid highways, please refer to Section 5 of the Department's Utility Accommodation Rules.
  • Who Issues a Location Permit?
    The Licensing Authority for the issuance of utility location permits is defined in Title 35‐A M.R.S.A.   2502 of Maine Law. They are as follows:  o The Department of Transportation, when the public way is a state or state‐aid highway, except for state or state‐aid highways in the compact areas of urban compact municipalities as defined in Title 23, section 754 o The municipal officers or their designees: when the public way is a city street or town way or a state or state‐aid highway in compact areas. o The county commissioners: for all other public ways. 
  • Once I have a Location Permit, am I all set?
    In most cases, no. A Location Permit only provides a license to locate facilities within the public right‐of‐way limits. Before you disturb any soil, you must obtain any other applicable permits (i.e. environmental, railroad, Coast Guard, etc...) and also check whether your proposed work will require a Highway Opening or Excavation Permit from the MDOT Maintenance Division office or the municipality. 

Highway Opening Permits

Regulations and application forms associated with obtaining authorization to excavate within the state right-of-way.