Lovejoy Bridge, Andover, Maine

This bridge, built in 1868, is 70 feet long and spans
the Ellis River. It has Paddleford trusses and is Maine's shortest covered bridge. The bridge’s name comes from the Lovejoy house, which was on the eastern side of the river.

In 1936, waters were high and two boys decided to canoe near the bridge. Water was a few inches below the bottom of the bridge so they decided to try and paddle up next to the bridge. Their hope was to let
the bridge hold the canoe but the water pressure passing underneath was so strong that the canoe got sucked under and the boys were tossed. Luckily a local guide was canoeing in the area and was able to rescue them.

In 1983 a heavy sand truck fell through the deck of the bridge while trying to cross the span. The bridge was reinforced in 1984 to carry local traffic. It is located at South Andover.

Lovejoy Bridge Photo Gallery