Doing Business with MaineDOT

Listed below are some tips on areas needing attention by a Consultant in order to do business with MaineDOT.

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A consultant will need to be pre-qualified by MaineDOT to perform a specific service (visit our Prequalification page). This entails completing an informational form, identifying the services you wish to perform, and submitting qualifications for those services. The application is reviewed by the appropriate MaineDOT program area(s) to determine whether or not a consultant is qualified to perform the service. Pre-qualified consultants are added to our list of pre-qualified consultants.

What is A DUNS Number?

View this document to learn about DATA UNIVERSAL NUMBER SYSTEM (DUNS): What is a DUNS Number (pdf)?

Vendor Customer Code

Any firm entering into a contract with MaineDOT to provide services will need to:

  • have a Vendor Customer Number from the State of Maine. The Substitute W-9 form can be found on the Office of the State Controller’s website at: Return completed form to MaineDOT, Finance & Administration.
Registration with Secretary of State

If you are not a sole proprietor you must be registered with the State of Maine's Secretary of State's office (visit their Interactive Corporate Services website), and be in good standing.


Consultant must not be debarred from receiving federal funds, you can verify at

Audited Overhead Report

Depending on the work and the contract a Consultant wishes to obtain with MaineDOT, an Audited Overhead Report may be needed. This report package is due annually within six months of the close of the Consultant’s fiscal year end.

The Office of Audit completes a Federally Mandated review to accept Audited Overhead Reports for use on MaineDOT contracts. To submit an overhead package for review or ask a general question, please contact them at For additional information and package requirements see MaineDOT Overhead Requirements (DOC).


Insurance Requirements

Consultants are required to carry insurance from an insurance company licensed or approved to do business in the State of Maine by the Maine Bureau of Insurance. Certificates of insurance must be provided upon the execution of a contract and on an annual basis thereafter. MaineDOT's insurance limits can be found in the Consultant General Conditions.

General Conditions

Consultant contracts are governed by the Consultant General Conditions. We strongly encourage our consultants to read and become familiar with these terms and conditions, and how they apply to their contract.