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Please note that prequalification is not required in order to respond to RFQs or RFPs posted on this site; but prequalification is necessary before a contract for work can be executed.

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2020 Department-Wide RFQ

The Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) is pleased to announce the release of the 2020 Department-wide Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Planning, Aviation, Freight and Business Services, Human Resources, and Environmental. Click on the 2020 Department-wide RFQ tab below.

It will be the firm’s responsibility to check the referenced website for clarifications and any amendments to the RFQ.

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What Does it Mean to be Prequalified?

MaineDOT uses a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process when awarding non-construction contracts. Our list of prequalified firms forms the foundation of MaineDOT's consultant selection process when awarding contracts with State and/or Federal funding valued at $250,000 or less.

Being pre-qualified for service item(s) under a specific service area does not mean a consultant is pre-qualified to perform all work generated by MaineDOT within that service area; the project scope and the complexity of same should be taken into consideration when considering a consultant from our list of pre-qualified consultants.

Common Questions:

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Does the Department still advertise Request for Proposals (RFP) for contracts valued at $250,000 or less?

Yes, MaineDOT does occasionally utilize the RFP process for these contracts.

How does MaineDOT award contracts for projects valued at greater than $250,000?

The Department utilizes the Brooks Act (a QBS process) via an RFP or RFQ. Consultants considered for these contracts are those who have been awarded General Consultant Agreements (GCAs) through MaineDOT's Department Wide Request for Qualifications Process. When selecting consultants for contracts greater than $500,000 MaineDOT utilizes an RFP process.

2020 Department-Wide RFQ Application

MaineDOT is advertising this Department-wide RFQ for Planning, Aviation, Freight and Business Services, Human Resources, and Environmental. The purpose of this RFQ is to receive submittals from consulting firms who wish to be considered for prequalification and an opportunity to be selected for a General Consultant Agreement and/or a Stand Alone Multi-Pin Contract for these Service Numbers.

RFQ Information and Application

Available Service Numbers

Select an OUC below to view available service numbers and supplemental questions. Click on a service title to view service definitions. OUC's with supplemental questions will display a to the right of the OUC title.

OUC 11000 - Results & Information Office

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102.30 Planning Data-Transportation Systems Inventory

Collection, quality control and processing of Transportation Asset Inventory data.

OUC 15000 - Office of Human Resources
501.00 Environmental Health & Safety Consultation

Consultation, monitoring, training, inspections & technical assistance in environmental health and safety matters.

OUC 18000 - Environmental Office

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502.20 Natural Resource Assessment

Analyze and assess the functions and values of resources such as wetlands, vernal pools, streams, and wildlife and assess impacts of transportation projects upon them.

502.30 Underwater Sound Pressure Monitoring

Measure underwater sound pressure levels in real time that are generated by construction activities in order to audit against established sound levels found to be tolerated or harmful to underwater fish and wildlife species.

503.10 Compensatory Wetland Mitigation

All phases of regulatory environmental compensation for unavoidable impacts to wetlands, vernal pools and associated upland buffers.

503.20 Fluvial Geomorphology, Natural Channel Design and Aquatic Organisms Passage

All phases of regulatory compliance and design for unavoidable impacts to natural channels, riverine systems and associated upland buffers, and design for fish and aquatic organism passage.

504.00 Conservation of Historic Plaques and other Historic Objects

Provide professional conservation services regarding items such as historic bridge plaques, historic building plaques, and other historic objects. An established and qualified objects Conservator within a framework sufficient to examine, verify the method of safe removal and conserve historic plaques and other historic objects. The Conservator will be a Professional Associate or Fellow level member of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), with expertise in the conservation of metal objects. The Conservator will have at least ten years of experience in the field of conservation that includes at least three major successful projects involving metal conservation.

504.10 Architectural Historian

Provide professional architectural historian services regarding properties adjacent to MaineDOT projects.

504.20 Cultural Resource Management Services

Guide MaineDOT through the review process for Section 4(f) of the Maine Transportation Act and Section 106 of the Historic National Preservation Act.

504.30 Rare and Endangered Mussels

Relocate rare and endangered mussels for MaineDOT projects.

504.40 Environmental Permitting

Write State and Federal permit applications (Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Maine Land Use Planning Commission, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) for MaineDOT projects.

505.10 Hydrogeology & Contamination Environmental Studies

Collect and evaluate geologic, chemical, and hydrogeologic data to assess conditions, identify solutions, and/or otherwise satisfy relevant environmental regulations.

506.00 Surface Water Quality, Post Construction Storm Water Management

Analyze and design permanent storm water practices to comply with state and federal regulations for new construction and retrofits.

506.10 Stormwater Permit Compliance

Provide technical assistance to the Environmental Office regarding compliance with the Maine Stormwater Law and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems Permit administered by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Working directly with the Surface Water Quality Unit, the consultant will: * Assess pending construction projects for compliance with the Maine Stormwater Law and provide assistance to the Environmental Coordinators in addressing permit requirements. * Assist the SWQU in the in the development and implementation of the MS4 Stormwater Program Management Plan and perform stormwater drainage system inventory, database management, and water quality inspections of drainage assets within the MS4 permit area.
* Provide other assistance to MaineDOT Stormwater Program coordination as requested.

OUC 40000 - Bureau of Planning

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101.00 Transit Marketing

Development, execution and evaluation of public transit and rideshare marketing services, such as digital and/or print graphic designs, route mapping, web sites, trip planning and advertising campaigns.

101.10 Transit Planning for Rural and Small Urban Projects

Transit system design, needs assessments, feasibility studies, ridership projections, fare structure, business/financial plans, marketing strategies, technical assistance and management planning. May also include NEPA, new/small starts, fixed facility analysis, regulatory compliance assistance, Micro-transit, Mobility as a Service and Transit Oriented Development.

101.70 Marine Services and Port Planning

Marine services/port system design, feasibility studies, ridership projections, business plans, NEPA, fixed facility analysis, etc.

103.00 Mobility Management

Facilitate the design and delivery of customer-focused mobility solutions to assist people with transportation barriers, access employment and services in alignment with the public transportation system.

103.10 Transportation Demand Management

Develop solutions that encourage efficient use of transportation resources across modes to meet travel needs of the public at large and/or targeted segments thereof.

103.20 Public Engagement Methods

Develop, support and/or execute strategies to solicit and manage pubic engagement in transportation planning and project development.

103.50 Regional Planning Studies

Corridor management plans and other plans to determine recommendations for managing and improving the transportation facilities and services of all transportation modes within and along a specific corridor or area. Regional or specific area traffic, safety, or other transportation system plans to address safety, congestion, mobility and/or economic benefits. This may include assisting MaineDOT with the Long Range Plan (Long Range Transportation Needs Assessment).

103.60 Planning-Feasibility Studies

Corridor screening and analysis, traffic modeling, STPA, NEPA, transportation planning analysis, traffic engineering, geometric design,context sensitive solutions, land use ordinances, access management, public facilitation & coordination.

106.10 Passenger Rail Operations Development

Development of passenger rail schedules, fare structure, business plans, etc. Passenger rail system design, feasibility studies, ridership projections, business plans, NEPA, new/small starts, etc.

106.20 Intermodal Facilities Operations Development

Development of management and business plans for intermodal facilities. Includes but is not limited to planning, design, technical assistance oversight of public participation process, environmental process, meeting facilitation, facilities, market analysis, etc. associated with intermodal facilities.

106.30 Marine Services Operations Development

Development of fare structures, management plans and budgets for marine services. Marine passenger facilities system design, feasibility studies, ridership projections, business plans, NEPA, fixed facility analysis, etc.

106.50 Bicycle and Pedestrian Operations Development

Bicycle & pedestrian safety education programs, Safe Routes to School planning, and encouragement activities for each, as well as public facilitation of bike/ped processes (committees, etc.), village planning efforts & feasibility studies.

107.40 Vehicle Specifications Operations Development

Development of vehicle specifications to meet state and federal regulations.

107.50 Bus Rehabilitation - Mid-Life Overhaul

A systematic replacement or upgrade of systems whose useful life is less than the useful life of the entire vehicle in a programmed manner. Overhaul is performed as a planned or concentrated preventive maintenance activity. A recondition that creates additional useful life of rolling stock at or near the end of the rolling stock's useful life and is consistent with the extent of the rebuilding.

108.00 Drug & Alcohol Compliance (FTA, MSFS, FAA, etc.)

Inspections and reviews to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

110.00 Training for Multiple Transportation Modes

Training for various modes of transportation (including but not limited to public transportation systems, bicycle, pedestrian, ferry services, aviation, and railroads) to meet state and federal guidelines.

OUC 57000 - Multimodal Program

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205.00 Naval Architecture Planning & Design

Vessel design, cost estimates, construction oversight, stability analysis and yard representative.

OUC 60000 - Freight and Business Services
101.30 Freight Planning, Design, & Technical Assistance

Includes but is not limited to planning, design, technical assistance oversight of public participation process, environmental process, meeting facilitation, facilities, market analysis, etc. associated with freight planning.

101.40 Freight Rail Planning, Design, & Technical Assistance

Includes but is not limited to intermodal planning, design, technical assistance oversight of public participation process, environmental process, meeting facilitation, facilities, market analysis, etc. associated with freight rail.

101.60 Port Planning, Design, & Technical Assistance

Includes but is not limited to planning, design technical assistance, oversight of public participation process, meeting facilitation, facilities, market analysis, etc. associated with port planning.

104.20 Innovative Technology Deployment (ITD) Program

Planning, Design, and Technical Assistance for ITD (Innovative Technology Deployment).

114.00 Aviation Facilities Planning, and Project Development

Construction Management and Inspection, planning, market analysis, design, oversight of public participation process, environmental processing, all facets of land acquisition, and design support during construction for new construction or reconstruction of aviation infrastructure/systems including Augusta Airport.

Perpetual Prequalification Application

Consultant Service Expectations

  • The Firm has practices in place to control and monitor client costs & control quality.
  • The Firm can demonstrate positive schedule control and document its ability to handle projected workload.
  • The Firm will maintain effective communication and coordinate project work with MaineDOT.


Download the Consultant Prequalification Application below.

Please Note: MaineDOT strongly recommends that you download and save documents to your computer BEFORE filling them out. Some folks have filled out the documents in their browser then saved them, resulting in losing all entered data.

Consultant Prequalification Application (pdf)

Available Programs

Select the OUC below to view available programs and supplemental questions. Click on a program title to view program definitions.

OUC 54000 - Property Office

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301.20 Property Surveys

Boundary surveys, existing highway right of way boundary plans, proposed right of way design a.k.a. ROW mapping services for property rights acquisition.

A. Standard boundary surveys (Maine PLS required) B. Existing ROW and Easements Mapping Plan Preparation, abutting Property lines, current owner information (Maine PLS required) C. Proposed ROW, Easements & Rights Mapping for acquisition plans (Final ROW Mapping)

401.00 Title Research/Abstracting

Perform legal work, particularly involving real property title searches essential to land acquisitions; prepare research on various real estate issues for the Department and other state agencies.

402.00 Property Valuation and Appraisal Services

Perform appraisals for condemnation purposes and for excess property sales, compile comparable sales and project data packages, perform market studies and analyses; all in compliance with State & Federal Regulations and Departmental Policies. Requires licensure as a Certified General Real Property Appraiser.

403.00 Property Negotiations-Ownership Information Services

Provide offer of just compensation to impacted property owner, explain impact of acquisition & construction, and act as liaison between property owners and MaineDOT; all in compliance with State & Federal Regulations and Departmental Policies.

404.00 Property Relocation Services

Develop relocation studies and plans, as well as provide relocation assistance services to both commercial and residential property owners; all in compliance with State & Federal Regulations and Departmental Policies.

405.00 Property Management

Provide all types of property management services and perform real estate brokerage services for a variety of excess properties; all in compliance with State & Federal Regulations and Departmental Policies.